[Tails-ux] [Tails-project] Report: CryptoRave 2018

intrigeri intrigeri at boum.org
Thu May 24 15:42:13 CEST 2018


> Antonela, Isabela and I have hosted a Tails & Tor users meetup that's
> got reported about there:

>   https://blog.torproject.org/tor-tails-ux-identifying-user-needs-cryptorave-2018

> (I'll report about the output of this last session separately.)

Here we go. I'll file/update tickets and blueprints as needed once
some basic level of agreement is reached here.

Sadly, some of the reports below are lacking too much info to
be actionable. I had asked the people who wrote them to catch me after
the session but it did not happen. I think next time I'll want to
schedule more time for this session, so I have time to follow-up and
gather the info we need.

* manual updates are painful (×3)

  → #15292 will make them easier and #15281 should avoid having to do
  manual updates in most cases

* it's too hard to install software without APT (e.g. with PIP)

  → that's a power-user thing; I think we should better support power
  users in general as these people have good chances to become
  contributors, trainers, advocates and to support their local
  community in using Tails; I suspect shipping a config file for PIP
  (so it uses the Tor proxy) would help; and/or document somewhere in
  our FAQ "if your additional software cannot connect to the network,
  wrap it with torsocks"

* default keyboard layout should be US International

  → interesting! Indeed that layout is better for an international
  audience… but it is slightly different from the en_US one, i.e.
  it does more than adding stuff. I'm not sure how much it breaks
  habits for en_US users. This would be an interesting research topic.

* setting up OTR is hard

  → I think improving this could be a SHOULD criteria for #8573.

* Tails is amnesic

  → this user did not know about persistence. I'll let our UX / tech
  writing people draw whatever conclusions they want about it :)

* Impossible to go back to Tails Greeter after login.

  → Sadly, that's hardly actionable without knowing what exact
  setting(s) the user would like to change after login. Hopefully it
  is about networking and will be addressed some day by the revamp of
  network bootstrapping.

* Tails cannot be installed/started from some USB sticks

  → #15292 should fix most of the problematic cases

* Persistence is hard to configure

  → not very actionable but good to know!

* installation from macOS is hard

  → #15292 should fix this!

* I miss the Windows camouflage

  → well, we hear this from time to time, but IMO not enough to add
  this back to our roadmap given the big cost of creating +
  maintaining this option

* the pt_BR translation of the website is incomplete

  → WIP and will make better progress once our Weblate setup is ready
  for production use


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