[Tails-ux] VeraCrypt survey is working very good!

sajolida sajolida at pimienta.org
Tue Oct 24 16:05:00 CEST 2017


One week after we started advertising the survey on VeraCrypt on /home,
I had a look at whether our plan was working. And... it is!

So far we have 228 full answers to the survey (and 361 partial). That's
about 35 answers per day (and a conversion rate of 2.6%). So, continuing
at this rate I expect us to have more than 1000 answers by the time we
dig into the results, yeah!

And we have tons of VeraCrypt users:

Do you use VeraCrypt (or TrueCrypt):

						Answers		Portion
  - Yes, both inside and outside Tails		33		15%
  - Yes, but only outside Tails			60		26%
  - No						94		41%
  - I don't know what VeraCrypt is		41		18%

I got no spam bot fill up my honey pot question so I guess it's a good
sign, unless bots learned how not to fall into it.

And no bot hitting /home by the way.

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