[Tails-ux] Improve Tails Installer UX

sajolida sajolida at pimienta.org
Tue May 23 19:24:00 CEST 2017

> On 03/14/2017 06:55 PM, sajolida wrote:
>> I did that in #12344. If you don't mind reviewing it.
> Done, check the ticket.

I added your proposals and merged.

>> I'm fine with that. I rewrote a bit the message with 11ebad8.
>> Also, since we're there, what about allowing the user to select the ISO
>> image from this dialog to be more forgiving?
>> It would allow her to solve the problem directly from the error message
>> and avoid her to have to go back to the main window and figure out what
>> this is referring to.
>> What about, instead of having only an "Ok" button, having:
>> 	[Cancel] [Select ISO image...]
>> But that's optional and you can create a ticket to do that later on if
>> you prefer.
> I have created Feature #12435 to track this request.

Excellent! We can deal with that later on.

>> Some more remarks:
>> 1. If I start Tails Installer without a target USB stick and then plug
>> it in, the interface gets widely resized. It not a serious problem but
>> looks unpolished. See before.png and after.png.
>> Also, the description of the USB stick in the main window and in the
>> confirmation dialog is different. See confirm.png. I prefer the one in
>> the confirmation dialog because it is shorter while still having all the
>> necessary info (vendor, size, and model) but without the long number
>> that is displayed in the main window. Maybe getting rid of the long
>> number in the main window would also help solving the resizing issue.
>> What do you think?
> ok cool, I have left the same short message for both cases.


>> 2. By default the file selector is too small to display the full name of
>> the ISO image and only displays "tails-...".
>> If I am playing with different versions (for example when upgrading) I
>> would like to have some feedback from the main window about the ISO
>> image that I selected.
>> Would it work to make the file selector wide enough to handle our usual
>> filename length: ~22 characters for "tails-archh-x.yy.z.iso"?
> I have established a fixed length for the ISO label.

>From 0c8f3fc I understand that you set this to 15 chars.

In my tests this matched (with the new "amd64" architecture):


And I was still missing the minor version.

I proposed 22 chars in my previous email but apparently the minimum
chars to fit "tails-amd64-3.12.3.iso" is 17, probably due to the
non-monospace fonts.

So I really want to have a minimum of 17 but then I don't care much
about the exact value.

Also, right now if I make the window wider, the file chooser doesn't get
wider. That would be another way of preventing having the filename
partially hidden. Feel free to do this if that's easy :)

>> 3. In the confirmation dialog before installation or upgrade, I would
>> love to have, instead of the [No] [Yes] buttons:
>> 	[Cancel] [Install]
>> or
>> 	[Cancel] [Upgrade]
>> I'm myself always a bit scared when upgrading a Tails USB stick and this
>> would be reassuring (even if we're already solving this problem is other
>> ways with the rest of your work).
> I have assigned Feature #11501 to me.


>> 4. Would it be easy to fix the minor alignment issues on the right,
>> especially with the links? See alignment.png. Otherwise forget it :)
> I couldn't find how to do it :P

Fair enough :)

>> 5. Would it be possible to display "The persistent storage on this USB
>> stick will be preserved." only if there actually is a persistent
>> storage? But if that requires tweaking the backend we can create a
>> ticket to do that later on.
> Done.


>> 6. If I plug two USB sticks, one with Tails and one without, and switch
>> from Upgrade to Install and then back to Upgrade, then the Reinstall
>> link disappears.
> Fixed.

Switching between "Install" and "Upgrade" is still broken for me :(

If it's what you meant to fix with 885be99, maybe there was a
misunderstanding. The problem is that when plug two USB stick (one with
Tails and one without Tails) and switching between the two in as target
USB stick, then the Install button doesn't change to Upgrade.

>> 7. I rephrase the confirmation dialog quite a bit with e1908d0. Tell me
>> what you thing. Especially since I'm tweaking Gtk a bit to display an
>> empty new line. I don't know if that's good or if it's the proper way to
>> do that.
> It looks fine to me.

Ok :)

>> But hey, we're almost there and I'm really excited to see this finally
>> tackled in Tails Installer which is pretty much the first piece of
>> software our users have to interact with. Good job!
> Great :D

So we only have two small issues remaining:

2. The chars of the file chooser
6. The switching between Install and Upgrade.

I can do the patch for #2 but not for #6 so unfortunately, I have to
reassign this to you again :(

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