[Tails-support] Unsafe Browser: Feature requests

Roter Kater gattorosso at inventati.org
Sun May 14 18:34:32 CEST 2017

Would it be desirable and possible to change a default behaviour from 
the unsafe web browser:

If you (mis)type the name of something within your network (let's say 
you want to acces your router's config page), then the default search 
engine = google pops up and you are faster than you like out there in 
the WWW without TOR.

Would it be possible to disable the standard search engine for unsafe 
web browser in a persistent way?

Would it be possible to forbid (preferrably as default, also as 
persistent setting) the unsafe browser to leave the own private 
network at all? (Tails should know by DHCP the IP range supposed to 
be the private network)

I need the unsafe browser often (and against any recommendations 
simultaneously with TOR browser) for access to a router configuration 
to explicitely allow internet access for the Tails PC with MAC 
address spoofing and or for access to a NAS admin interface. 

Thanks, Regards

the fat red cat

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