[Tails-project] Restructuring our support page

sajolida sajolida at pimienta.org
Thu Dec 28 02:31:00 CET 2017

During the expert review that was done in August 2017, we spotted
serious issues in the way our support content is structured and
advertised to the user.

We brainstormed on this with Cody today and came up with a plan to
improve things. We tried to be realistic and propose changes that could
be implemented incrementally with small steps and wouldn't add much
recurring work. Like we're not proposing a Q&A portal or a artificial
intelligence online chat :)

We wrote a blueprint to list the current problems we identified and
ideas of how to solve and implement them:


We'd like to have this reviewed and commented by people involved in the
process or impacted by the changes, namely:

	- jaster
	- help desk
	- release managers

I put everybody in explicit copy because I was not sure that you would
be subscribed to tails-project. Please answer to tails-project only.

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