[Tails-dev] HTML prototype for new download page

sajolida sajolida at pimienta.org
Mon Oct 30 18:36:00 CET 2017

Uzair Farooq:
> Uzair Farooq:
>> Hey, we checked the forge library (the one they listed as the fastest in
>> their benchmark). To my surprise it improved the time darastically. It took
>> a little more than 1 minute on a core i3 machine with 4GB RAM.

Amazing! I tried on my laptop (Core i5 M520) and it took 45 seconds.
Not as good as the native call we had on the previous version of the
extension but clearly acceptable given the current limitations.

So I did more tests and here are some comments and questions:

- Would it be complicated to add a progress bar? ~1 minute is a decent
  time to wait in this context, but I'm afraid that many people will
  wonder what's going on if we give them no feedback on how long to
  wait. The previous version integrated the download and was so fast
  that feedback on the checksum calculation itself was not needed. But
  here I would like to tell a bit more about what to expect. A progress
  bar would solve this, but otherwise I can also put a spinner and give
  a rough time estimate.

- In my HTML mock-up I meant $FILENAME to be something that your
  extension would replace with the filename of the ISO image.
  See screenshot in attachment. Is this possible?

- In Giorgio's version we had some JavaScript code to detect the browser
  and display an appropriate version of the page. See [1]. I'll try to
  integrate it in the new version but I might ask you for help if I get
  stuck :)


- We need a mechanism to notify when the extension needs update. See
  "extension-version" in the HTML code of the current download page [2]
  and in Giorgio's code.

  [2]: https://tails.boum.org/install/download/

  I see no reference to "extension-version" in your code so I think that
  this is not implemented yet. Can you have a look and provide us with a
  way of testing that it's working fine once you have this feature back?

- Your extension displays an icon in the URL bar. See attachment. Is it
  a requirements with WebExtensions? Because as this icon otherwise
  doesn't do anything when click, if it's possible to hide I would

- Is your code already working on Chrome? How can we test that?
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