[Tails-dev] Dynamically changing ISO URL in DAVE

intrigeri intrigeri at boum.org
Thu Feb 11 14:48:00 CET 2016

Hi Giorgio, sajolida and others,

context: we're redesigning how we're handling the pool of HTTP mirrors
used to download Tails ISO images. If you want details, see the "Big
picture" section on https://tails.boum.org/blueprint/HTTP_mirror_pool/

We need to add a feature to DAVE to support our new design. I'd like
to check with Giorgio how possible/difficult it will be, in your
opinion. And I'd like sajolida to sanity-check the plan, in particular
checking compatibility with the IA. Anyone else in the audience is
much welcome to help, of course :)

I'll first explain what we need DAVE to do, and then I have a couple
of questions, mainly for Giorgio.

What we need DAVE to do

We need DAVE to retrieve a JSON configuration file from our website,
that describes our pool of HTTP mirrors. The exact content and format
of the config file is not clear yet, but let's assume for now that
it'll be a list of mirrors, with information attached to each of them:
a base URL, and a weight (0 = disabled, and the bigger the number, the
higher the chances to pick it).

And then, whenever DAVE wants to use the ISO URL it found in the ISO
description file (IDF in the new installation process specification,
i.e. what is called a "descriptor" in the DAVE code base), for example
to start a download, we need DAVE to pick one mirrors from this list
(honoring the weight but that's the trivial part I bet), and replace
the "http://dl.amnesia.boum.org/tails/" part of the URL found in the
IDF with the base URL corresponding to the mirror it picked.

I bet it'll be simpler to modify a little bit the IDF format, to
avoid hard-coding this part of the URL in the IDF, and write:

  path: /tails/stable/tails-i386-2.0/tails-i386-2.0.iso

instead of the current:

  url: http://dl.amnesia.boum.org/tails/stable/tails-i386-2.0/tails-i386-2.0.iso

... but this is a detail at this stage, and I think we can ensure
a smooth migration path without having to bump the IDF format to v2.


I assume that doing most of this (retrieving and loading the JSON
config file, picking an element from a list, doing simple string/URL
mangling) in DAVE is pretty basic stuff, that anyone moderately
experienced in JavaScript could do, without expertise that's specific
to Firefox add-on development. Correct?

What I'm more concerned about is the integration of the basic pieces
into the clever stuff that DAVE does. E.g. I see that it is
maintaining a state machine (status.phase), that is used to
retry/continue downloads, display progress, trigger verification etc.,
so for example we need to be careful when exactly we pick a mirror and
build the ISO URL (we have to do it before the download starts, but
shall we re-do it every time we retry?). This is just an example of
the class of issues I expect we will have to solve when implementing
what we need. How hard does it sound?

Any other problems you would expect us to face?

Will you be happy to review our DAVE patch, once we have something
that Works For Me™? Likely we will be working on it on April 6-8, and
ideally we would need the new feature to be on AMO by the end
of April.

Also, it would be awesome if we could ask you one or three questions
when we hit technical difficulties along the way, but if you can't do
it, it's fine, I guess we can ask for help to other add-on developers
we know :)

To end with, can you please give a quick look at our existing JS code,
and tell us if anything can't possibly work in a Firefox add-on such
as DAVE, or really, if anything raises a red light:


This draft code implements something very similar to what I'm
describing here, except it's meant to be loaded and run from a web
page that has a download link, instead of from a Firefox extension
(which I think we will need for downloads that are not mediated by


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