[Tails-dev] Sprints for Tails/Jessie

intrigeri intrigeri at boum.org
Mon Jul 13 13:20:38 CEST 2015


I plan to focus on porting Tails to Debian Jessie for a couple weeks
in November. Tentative dates:

 * November 9-13
 * November 16-20

If you want to join the fun, let me know. If you're interested in
having a face-to-face sprint to work on this in November, let me know.
If these dates don't work for you, let me know.

Meta: I'm planning this far in advance so that 1. this task doesn't
permanently stick in my head as a painful "OMG that's something
I should make progress on every time I have a spare hour, otherwise
I'll be late"; 2. other people can more easily join this effort; 3.
some people know in advance when I *won't* be available for
other matters.


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