[Tails-dev] Please test and review feature/sdio

intrigeri intrigeri at boum.org
Sun Sep 29 18:32:00 CEST 2013


feature/sdio adds support for SD cards plugged into a reader that's
wired as SDIO. Please test and review.

  - parent: #6324
  - liveusb-creator: #5744
  - persistence setup: #6325

The branch is called feature/sdio in the main Tails repo.
Same in our liveusb-creator and tails-persistence-setup ones.
These three branches are all that needs to be reviewed.

Merged into experimental, but I've not tested it there yet. I don't
expect any incompatibility with other changes sitting there,
but still.

One may try this feature with the latest nightly experimental ISO:


If you are waiting for Tails to support this kind of SD cards,
please test and report back ASAP. The idea is to merge this branch
mid-October to the latest, in time for the 0.21 freeze.

Documentation is left to be done (#6326), that's why I'm not
requesting a merge yet, but in short:

 - The installation & upgrade instructions now work as-is with SD cards.

 - The persistence setup & usage instructions now work as-is for SD cards.

 - The only SD card -specific quirk is booting from them: they're
   sometimes not exposed as removable, so by default Tails won't boot
   (safety measure), so there's a trick: if Tails fails to boot from
   a SD card, try removing live-media=removable to the kernel
   command-line (the same warnings that we added about this to the
   startup troubleshooting page apply). For improved security, instead
   of removing live-media=removable, append live-media=/dev/mmcblk0p1
   or similar (that one should be correct in the huge majority of
   cases). If either works, then edit the bootloader configuration
   accordingly (must be done after upgrades too) in
   syslinux/live{4,6}86.cfg on the system partition.

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