[Tails-dev] Release schedule for Tails 0.21

intrigeri intrigeri at boum.org
Tue Sep 24 15:32:19 CEST 2013


Here's its preliminary release schedule for Tails 0.21, which will be
a major new release:

  2013-10-01   enable stable-proposed-updates to bring the Squeeze
               6.0.8 point-release's packages in
  2013-10-18   freeze, build & upload RC1
  2013-10-19   test RC1
  2013-10-20   publish RC1
  2013-10-20   Squeeze 6.0.8 point-release is out,
               let's disable stable-proposed-updates

  2013-10-26   package new Firefox ESR
  2013-10-26   build and upload final ISO
  2013-10-27   test final ISO
  2013-10-28   test final ISO (deadline: noon CEST)
  2013-10-29   release

Core developers: ASAP, please volunteer for the test day, or make it
clear that you can't make it, so we can reschedule slightly if
needed, thanks!

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