[Tails-dev] Disable outdated translation on the website

sajolida at pimienta.org sajolida at pimienta.org
Mon Oct 14 16:34:11 CEST 2013

We have currently 4 languages enabled on our website: DE, ES, FR, and
PT. Some of those translations are not maintained and have degraded
seriously over time.

We also defined in the contribute sections some core pages as a
requirement to enable a new language on the website:

	- index
	- about page
	- getting started page
	- support page
	- download page
	- about section
	- first steps section

Calculating the current translation statistics for each language on both
the whole website and the core pages currently gives:

	All PO files

	de: 5% translated, 1% fuzzy
	es: 10% translated, 4% fuzzy
	fr: 54% translated, 1% fuzzy
	pt: 24% translated, 2% fuzzy

	Core PO files

	de: 10% translated, 3% fuzzy
	es: 23% translated, 9% fuzzy
	fr: 95% translated, 1% fuzzy
	pt: 66% translated, 7% fuzzy

I'm wondering whether we should systematically disable languages which
have less then 25 % of the core pages translated. At the moment, those
are ES and DE. I don't think there is currently a team handling those
languages while this is supposed to be a requirement to have a language
activated on the website. Having less languages enabled will also speed
up the build process.

The downside of doing that is that obviously, even if few things are
translated into those languages, this might be helpful for some people.
But then, how helpful it is to have for example, only 6 % of the warning
page translated into German?

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