[Tails-dev] Please review'n'merge feature/ff24

intrigeri intrigeri at boum.org
Sat Nov 16 17:26:08 CET 2013


please review'n'merge the feature/ff24 branch into devel (both Git and
APT merges are necessary).

Tickets: #6370, #6371 and #5768
Candidate for 0.22 (not as we had much choice).

Builds from that branch are available at

Known issues are listed on
https://tails.boum.org/blueprint/iceweasel_24/#index4h1 ... and are
documented by the Known issues web page in the feature branch, as
we've been doing in the past for TBB/Tails differences.

I think that the current state of this branch is good enough for Tails
0.22. It's way better than shipping an outdated browser, with known
security issues, which will be the case if we don't do the switch to
FF24. If anyone feels strongly about the known issues, they're more
than welcome to work on it, but IMHO this should not block the merge
of the branch.

I've assigned the tickets for QA to Alan, as he's one of the few
people who mentionned they were willing to do some review'n'merge for
0.22, and I've other branches for bertagaz. If you're not available
yet, please raise your voice :)

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