[Tails-dev] Tails 0.20 release schedule

anonym anonym at lavabit.com
Wed Jul 17 17:06:39 CEST 2013


I'll be the RM for the Tails 0.20 release. Here's its preliminary
release schedule:

  2013-07-30   freeze, build and upload Tails 0.20~rc1 ISO
  2013-07-30   translation window starts
  2013-07-31   test Tails 0.20~rc1
  2013-08-01   release Tails 0.20~rc1

  2013-08-04   Firefox 17.0.8 ESR source is available
               => intrigeri packages it (right?)
  2013-08-06   Firefox 17.0.8 ESR is officially out
  2013-08-06   translation window ends
  2013-08-07   build and upload Tails 0.20 ISO
  2013-08-07   test Tails 0.20
  2013-08-09   release Tails 0.20

Like in Tails 0.19, there's only a week between rc1 and final ISO build,
so I'll employ the same aggressive revert policy like intrigeri did for
that release.


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