[Tails-dev] Tails 0.17 release

intrigeri intrigeri at boum.org
Fri Jan 11 01:18:47 CET 2013


I'll be acting as the release manager for Tails 0.17. I'll be happy to
share the fun, the work and responsibility with anonym when he is
back, or possibly someone else. E.g. I'll be able to release RC2, but
then I'll most probably be unavailable from the 23th on for a week, so
help will be needed at least there. (It would probably not be
reasonable to skip RC2 and aim for releasing the 22th, that is only
3 days after the ESR is out.)

Here's the preliminary release schedule for Tails 0.17:

  2013-02-01 - 2013-02-04  HackFest --> iceweasel + torbrowser/FF17
  2013-02-05               freeze
  2013-02-07               Tails 0.17~rc1
  2013-02-19               iceweasel 17.0.3 ESR is out
  2013-02-21               Tails 0.17~rc2
  2013-02-26               Tails 0.17

I guess that the big thing in Tails 0.17 will be the move to the new
series of Firefox ESR, based on Firefox 17: indeed Firefox 10 ESR will
be end-of-life'd mid-February.

According to Mike's December report [1] and some private chat I just
had with him, the situation is quite good on the Torbrowser front.

  [1] https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-reports/2013-January/000133.html

This is a pretty big change, so I think we definitely want to include
it in our RC1. Also, this may imply some other possibly big tasks on
our side, so I'm hereby inviting you to a "iceweasel +
torbrowser/FF17" hackfest, to be held in our usual meeting places
during the few days before the 0.17 freeze. I personally intend to be
available online at least 4-6 hours a day, and I'll try to make it so
there's stuff to test and work on for anyone interested. The obvious
goal being to have a set of Debian packages ready in time for the
freeze and RC1!

Here's what I (as a developer) seriously intend to get into 0.17:

  * feature/live-boot-3.x: needs some more testing on my side
  * feature/regular-gnupg-agent: waiting for testers' reports
  * feature/newer-barry: waiting review & merge
  * feature/install-password-manager: waiting review & merge
  * bugfix/disable-iceweasel-extensions-auto-update: waiting review & merge
  * fetch adblock-plus from backports: waiting review & merge

As a release manager, here's what I'd like to see done in time too:

  * screen locker: I'd be delighted if someone (anonym?) took the work
    where it was left at and brought it into good shape :)
  * feature/minitube: Alessandro, how's the patch upstreaming and
    auditing going? It would be totally awesome to have Minitube
    in Tails soon!
  * feature/set-wireless-devices-state: it's been in experimental for
    more than a month, but it lacks actual testing, design and
    end-user documentation, so unless someone else than me finishes
    this in January, I fear it won't make it into 0.17. Any taker?
  * incremental updates enabled by default: the developer in me has
    scheduled some time to work on that again in January, but the
    release manager in me is not totally convinced this effort will
    result in releasable code before the freeze. Still, I think it's
    worth working on the end-user documentation now.
  * todo/remember_installed_packages: I'd be delighted to see Alan and
    Lukasz implement this in time for 0.17, but else that's no big
    deal, I guess it may wait for the next one.

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