[Tails-dev] MAT 0.3.3 ?

jvoisin julien.voisin at dustri.org
Thu Dec 20 18:44:52 CET 2012

Hello everyone,
I'm back, and I'm working on the MAT again !

Here is the current changelog since the 0.3.2
* Applied Pabs's patches, which were mostly (nices) bugfixes
* Tried clean and fix for good the setup.py
* Greatly improved the robustness and feedback of the testsuite
* Added the option to degrade the quality of produced PDF to reduce
their size
* Changing options is now effective for added files too

It would be nice if I could get some feeback before making a (possible)
new release.

Has someone requests or comments ?

Have a nice day,

-- jvoisin

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